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Cover Girl:
the Véronique Béliveau discography

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Véronique Béliveau's first single, as Véronique, Rêve d'amour /Montre-moi (LT-4), is released on the Lauréat label.


Still on the Lauréat label, she releases two more singles: Je voudrais /Oui, je chante" (LT-7) and En vacances (a duet with Pierre Couture, listed as Véronique et Pierre) /Je voudrais (LT-9).


Véronique moves from Lauréat to Guy Cloutier's Nobel label and releases two singles: L'amour au diapason /Mélancolie (NL-5686) and J'ai envie de toi /Ceux qui t'aiment (NL-5699).


Finally recording as Véronique Béliveau, on the RCA-owned Tembo label, she releases J'ai vingt ans /J'ai vingt ans (instrumental) (STM-1004).


Qu'est-ce que tu me chantes de bon (KNB 50343) is issued as a single on RCA, as a preview of her upcoming Tembo album.


Véronique's first album, Prends-moi comme je suis (TMT-1014) is released on Tembo. It includes the singles J't'aime bien quand même and Vivre à deux, as well as L'été, C'est l'amour qui fait le temps, Nous partirons en univers, J'savais pas, Prends-moi comme je suis, Qu'est-ce que tu me chantes de bon, On n'a pas parlé d'amour and Il me reste.


Véronique moves to RCA and releases the self-titled Véronique Béliveau (LP: KKL1-0387 /CS: KKK1-0387) album, including the single Jet Set /Je vis beaucoup mieux (PB-50629), Il joue du piano, Aimer, Tant d'amour au coeur, Si je m'ennuie de mon pays, Si tu sais combien, Entre nous c'est comme ça, Relaxe-toi and J'sais pas dans quel état.

The album is later re-issued as KYL1-520.


Her contract with RCA /Tembo expired, Véronique records a one-off single, Ordinateurs (PM006), for the Paroles & Musique label.


Over a decade after her first record, Véronique Béliveau finally makes it big. Both her first singles for A&M Records are smash hits!

Her cover of Sheena Easton's "She's In Love (With Her Radio)" entitled Je suis fidèle (AM-606) and C'est un rêveur /C'est un rêveur (instrumental) (AM-616) precede her upcoming album and both reach #1 status in Québec.

Transit (LP: SP-9097 /CS: CS-9097), her third and best album in career also includes Clin d'oeil, Please (dis-moi c'que tu as), Ah! Qu't'es doux, Hey hey hey, Transit, Nuit d'août, Sensuel, as well as a new single called That Boy (AM-631).


Please (dis-moi c'que tu as) (AM-641), written by the Bee Gees, as "Heart (Stop Beating In Time)" and intended for their 1981 "Living Eyes" album is Véronique's last single off the original version of Transit. "Heart..." was originally released by Leo Sayer, in 1982.

Transit (LP: SP-9109 /CS: CS-9109) is reissued and now features the hit Le Rock (AM-673) but lacks C'est un rêveur.

Véronique Béliveau is nominated as "Most Promising Female Vocalist of the Year" at the 15th Juno Awards. Transit is named "Pop Album Of The Year" at the ADISQ Awards.


Véronique's last french album, Cover Girl (LP: SP-9112 /CS: CS-9112), is released and includes the singles Je Suis Comme Je Suis /Clin d'oeil* (AM-686), Cover Girl (AM-___) and Toujours l'amour, as well as Un rêve fou, Seule, Camouflage, On Camera, Devine pourquoi, American Boy et Lady Illusion.

She also appears on two benefit records for Ethiopian famine relief: Tears Are Not Enough (7": 7BEN-7073 - 12": 12BEN-7073), as part of Northern Lights, on Columbia and Les yeux de la faim (7": KD-1985 - 12": KD-12-1985), on Kébec Disc.

*: from the Transit album


A year after performing in front of Prince Charles and Lady Diana at the gala opening of Expo '86, in Vancouver, Véronique releases her first English single, Make A Move On Me /Toute la nuit* (AM-715), followed by her first english album, Borderline (LP: SP-9135 - CS: CS-9135 - CD: CD-9135).

This marks the first time one of Véronique Béliveau's albums is released on CD and one of her songs is made into a music video.

Borderline also includes Do You Still Want Me, Borderline, Take A Chance, What I Want (I Ain't Got), Lost In Love and the singles I Can't Help It /Make A Move On Me (AM-729) and Love You Like A Fire /I Can't Hold Back (AM-735).

The french market is serviced with Ce soir (je passe à l'attaque /Toute la nuit (AM-730), which are french versions of I Can't Hold Back and Make A Move On Me.

*: single-only track

Although Véronique's version of What I Want is the best, the New Monkees are the ones releasing the song as a single.


The last single off Borderline is the double-sided Avec de la tendresse /Borderline (AM-754).

Véronique is featured on Marc Gabriel's Transatlantique album, on the Station 12 label. Their duet entitled Jérusalem is also released as a single.


Her latest and last album, Véronique (LP: SP-9154 - CS: CS-9154 - CD: CD-9154), produced by Richard Carpenter is released and includes the first single House of Love, as well as I'm Gonna Make You Love Me, Just Another Dream, All My Tomorrows, I Want To Get Close To You, One of Us, A Touch of Paradise, Falling In Line, What Kind of Love, Angel In My Eyes and All Those Years Ago.

The album featured the following four cover versions:
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me: Dee Dee Warwick (1966); Madeline Bell (1968); Diana Ross and The Supreme & The Temptation (1969)
House of Love: Maria Vidal (1987); Animotion (1989)
One of Us: ABBA (1981)
A Touch of Paradise: John Farnham (1986); Kevin Paige (1989)


I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (12": SP 23065 - CDS: CD23065) is Véronique's last single. It features four different mixes, including: Extended mix (English rap); 7" mix (English rap); Extended mix (French rap); Percuss A Pella.


While in France, preparing for the roles of Sadia in the "Starmania" musical and Olga Kokhlova in "La Vie en Bleu", Véronique records a few covers, including Patricia Kass' Mon mec à moi, for the Les plus belles chansons françaises series, on Éditions Atlas.


The complete recording of La Vie en Bleu is released as a double set on the Trema label, in France. Véronique can be heard on Les amants séparés, Tout ça n'existe pas and L'affrontement.


Highlights from La Vie en Bleu are released as a single disc, still on the Trema label, in France. Véronique can be heard on Les amants séparés and Tout ça n'existe pas.


Ten years after her last release, Véronique Béliveau resurfaces as a background singer on Je n'voudrais pas t'aimer, off Isabelle Boulay's Mieux qu'ici-bas album.


Véronique's voice can be heard on Isabelle Boulay's latest studio album, entitled "Ses plus belles histoires", as she provides background vocals on La lune, J'ai mal à l'amour, Le banc des délaissés, Je t'oublierai, je t'oublierai, Sans toi, J'enrage and Perce les nuages.

Until late 2002, Isabelle Boulay's career was managed by Josélito Michaud, Véronique Béliveau's boyfriend.

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